Calling all Filmmakers

Film is at the centre of the Festival, transporting us to adventures far and wide, giving us an intimate perspective on wilderness and cultures beyond our own.

Join the Festival Competition

Our International Film Competition presents 12 awards each year. We review our categories annually to ensure we are highlighting the best, and most relevant projects for our audience, and the wider cinematic and outdoor industry. Our Jury is led by broadcast correspondent and producer Keme Nzerem and a selection of industry experts and adventurers.

Submitting to a film festival gives your film a life of its own! It is an opportunity to see your film curated within a programme; this can emphasis elements of a film beyond a singular viewing, and draw your project and protagonists into an exhilarating community at the Festival. Our audience are an enthusiastic and committed bunch, and it’s rare for a Kendal filmmaker to finish the Festival without a personal chat on one part or another of their production in one of the town's bars!

We take our filmmakers work and Festival experience seriously, ensuring the opportunity for feedback, audience interaction, and release at the various shindigs, not forgetting of course, the Awards Ceremony, held in a public space on the Saturday night.

Join us year-round


We don't just work with filmmakers at the Festival! The Kendal Mountain brand also screens films on our multi venue, UK Tour, through international screenings and on the year-round, on-demand digital channel - the Kendal Player. All films are screened under contract with the filmmaker with generous royalties paid.

We curate each of these ventures to the same high standard as the Festival, and incorporate as many of our filmmakers contributions as possible.

Please get in touch if you would like your work to be licensed with us for any of these ventures.

What our filmmakers say

"Thank you so much to you and the entire Kendal team for the last few days, it’s been an absolutely amazing experience. It’s been massively inspiring and motivating for me watching the incredible selection of films- both as a filmmaker and a climber! Having the opportunity to meet so many other filmmakers in our discipline was awesome as well, I can already envision some future collaborations that if they happen, will have started here."Brett Williams

"I am very thankful of being part of the Kendal Mountain Festival this weekend! It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and inspiration, watching so many amazing movies about sharing adventures and look closely and act to protect what we all love! I am inspired by so many amazing women too! So many great athletes, filmmakers and story telling women who showed in a beautiful way to be strong, daring, inspiring, fun… the list goes on! It has been an event with a very strong message and a community which stands for the same values."Lena Stoffel

"I am back at the airport now heading home but I wanted to say how inspired I feel after just one day at Kendal! Thank you so much for the opportunity and for putting together a Festival that can inspire on so many fronts. Dyslexia, environmental inspiration, creative people to collaborate with, and such a strong community, I still feel like it was a dream. I feel So creatively fired up and have already started looking forward to the projects that I hope will bring me back next year, this time for more than one day!"Max Romey

"Kendal Mountain Festival has proven that even 2020 couldn't hold back the immense sense of community that comes with adventure film. Inspiring, touching and thought-provoking, Kendal went above and beyond. Thomas Sandler

"A great Festival with a huge engaged audience and access to great stories, like minded adventurers and creators. I felt like the exposure to films was broad but also set up well in entertaining and focused blocks. It's never boring with all the stuff happening at basecamp and Kendal is a cool walkable community with some good food:) If you love mountains and their playfully adventurous cultures, this is the place to go for sure!"Ben Clark

"I had a brilliant time at Kendal this year! The Festival itself brings together a vibrant mountain community, and the organizers make a special effort to bring filmmakers (from all around the world!) into the fold, which creates a really special dynamic. My only regret is that my visit wasn't longer!"Heather Mosher

"Kendal Mountain Festival is worthy of its stellar reputation! It was a huge honour to have our documentary, Voices on the Road, screened amongst so many incredible films and we left the event feeling super inspired and supported by so many awesome people. Thanks for putting on such a brilliant event and for having us there."Eilidh Munro

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